Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Room a Month

Recently as I wandered through blogland, I came across a post where a blogger planned to redo a room a month in her home. I'm thinking that might be a good way to go. I'm always all over the board when it comes to decorating, never concentrating long enough on any one area to make a difference. So...for March--don't ask about January and February!--I thought I'd focus on my office, mainly because I'm close enough to being done in there that I might actually manage it!
This is looking into the room from the hallway. Treadmill's gotta stay. I actually use it--though not as much as I should.

So for what we see in this picture, I need to 1) hang the window treatment (or rather mistreatment) I've already made, 2) change out the lampshade, 3) put the slipcover back onto the desk chair. (I took it off for the picture shoot, cuz it was part of my redo, but was done way earlier than the rest. I told you; I have no focus!)

Lastly, the wall looks a bit bare behind the chair. I'm trying to decide whether I want to hang something back there.
Another view from the doorway. Biggest thing to do for this area is declutter. (Aside from the afore-mentioned slipcover.) I'd like a shelf over the desk...I think.
Bookcase mostly needs decluttering too. I intend to get rid of most of the books. Some I haven't looked at since we moved here five years ago.
This area's not so bad. I picked up the boxes a couple of years ago at Hobby Lobby and they keep the shelves pretty neat. (The painting is the one done for the cover of my first romance novel. Not what I'd usually choose but it has sentimental value.)
Another shot of my desk, which emphasizes my need to declutter and also how much I need something to hang over the desk. A shelf? A picture? A pinboard?

In a perfect world, there are a lot of things I'd do with paint in this room but it's not a perfect world and the Hub is not a lover of paint, so I'll pretty much stick with the things I've outlined and report back on this matter in a month. (Suggestions/comments appreciated!)

Ta, y'all.


Tricia ~~ Handmade Whimzy said...

I think redoing 1 room per month is a great idea.

The painting - you said it's from your first romance novel. Did you mean the first you read of the first you wrote?

I can't wait to see your slip cover.

TexNan said...

The first that was published, Tricia. By Etsy standards, all my books would be considered vintage: '87, '88, and '89. (I only did three--a couple of my sisters way outpaced me: one had better than 30 published, the other more than 20!)

As I said in the post, I have trouble focusing. Right now, I'm making a pillow for my sis and one for my SIL, who share a birthday. One's finished, the other I hope to do tomorrow. Then I can get back to this room--if I don't get distracted first.

Thanks for commenting, you sweetie! Love what you're doing at your house.