Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pillow, pillows, pillows

I love me some pillows. And I've made a few in my time.
This one I did for my sis Ginger for her b'day in March. I used a vintage antimacassar and some lovely linen from Dharma Trading. (Many of these I've shown before. Bear with me, please.)
And this I have in my Etsy shop here. It's made of a vintage tea towel. It's one of my faves.
This is also offered in one of my shops. Here I took a vintage tea towel with some purty big holes in it and cut it up to use with a remnant chenille fabric I found for a song in a lovely store in Austin.

Another vintage tea towel turned into a pillow, this on the bed in my guest room. I made the one on the right as well a lo-ong time ago, using a vintage needlepoint I picked up at an antique store and a remnant of fringe. Cheap those, but then I had an 8" down pillow form made for it. I mean, who can tell if a pillow that small is down? It's not exactly sink-into-able. Silly, silly used-to-be me!
This I made not too long ago for my hair stylist. It's a design I intend to re-use. (I fixed that right corner but didn't take another shot. Sorry.)
This I didn't actually make, just sorta redid. I picked it up for four bucks in an antique store in Port Townsend, Washington. Its filling was all flattened and as trim it had this yucky hand-made cording--I know handmade's cool, but not this stuff. I loved the look of the old worn velvet on the back so I pulled off the trim, restuffed it--polyfil this time, not down, which most of mine are. As trim I used a couple of handmade buttons I also picked up in Port Townsend, though on a different trip.
I love this one! I made it from a sampler I stitched ages ago, using a design borrowed from a $125 pillow and vintage fabric I salvaged from an old table runner picked up in a thrift store.

And the point of all this?
This pillow I just made for the bedroom my sis Billie is decorating in her new apartment. (Yes, I know it needs pressing. I will do before I send it to her.) The lamp I showed here has sent her in a new direction--blue--so I used a tea towel I picked up at Dollar Tree when we were all in Fredericksburg. Few tea towels are big enough to make a decent square pillow so I embroidered some of the Dharma Trading linen to stretch it.

So, that's my show and tell for this lovely Saturday. The hub should be waking soon, and I haven't had breakfast so I'd best get moving.


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You left a comment on my blog about where to get the blue fabric. Here you go:

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Amanda said...

I love, love, love the "G" pillow with red buttons... So pretty! I love one below it, too, with the flowers! :-)

Staci J said...

Great job on your pillows!! I love the 3d flowers, so clever!

Kim said...

Thank you for sharing all of these ideas! I really love the checkerboard one, what a great use of old damaged fabric. Wonderful job all the way around. Thank you for joining FFT.