Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Putzing

I recently mentioned I was making a tea cozy for a gift. Well, I finished it up today and am now wondering if I went too far. Sometimes it seems as if I don't recognize "enough" on my way to the finish line. I'd love some input as to whether I've overdone this. Please, pretty please!
It's not sitting on a teapot so it looks a little distorted--that'll change on a real teapot. The main thing I'm wondering about is the embellishment. The way I have the two flowers situated you can hardly tell the bird's a bird. I feel that the red one is overkill, but one flower seemed not enough. Is it merely the placement that's out of whack? I thought about doing this kind of a flower, even bought some pink gingham to do so. Should I go in that direction?  (I still have a couple of weeks before I need the gift.)
BTW, you can check out the tutorial for this lovely quilt at IamOnlyOneWoman

Another thing I worked on today is this shadow box.
I picked up the vintage shadow box frame at a thrift store in Fredericksburg yesterday for half a buck. The paper I printed out from a free scrapbook paper site, and the buttons, well, they're from my stash. What do you think? Should I hang it on my wall, or go with this one?
I put this together a while back to use in my office, then decided to list it in my Etsy shop instead. But it's something I can always pull out--and I've been wavering about that. Guess I'll just have to try them and see. 

Something else I picked up at the same thrift shop yesterday are these two framed needlework pieces.
At first I thought I'd use them as insets on pillows or tote bags, but they're beautifully done so I'm rethinking. I may offer them on Etsy, may hang them myself.

And that's my Saturday pretty well wasted. It's time to feed the cat, and I need to get some veggies ready to freeze--my neighbor gave us some wonderful things from her garden.

So, later, guys. Keep on keepin' on.

PS: I meant to show a pic of the tea cozy with an adjusted size. Since I have no idea what size pot my friend has, I thought I'd do an adjustable cozy. Here's a pic of how it looks smaller.


Mary Keenan said...

That is a super teapot! and I love the bird. I would make it the focal point and applique on a branch for it to be perched on, then put the red flower aside for another project (it's gorgeous) and do a second white one so it looks like the bird is in a flowering bush. I'd try the white flowers on the lower right of the bird so it's in front of the flat flowers of the actual cozy, but behind the felted flowers, if that makes sense?

TexNan said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Maire. You're a sweetie. And I like your idea. Thankfully I still have time to fix it!