Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tassels Finito

Remember Billie's triangular pillow?
 Here are the tassels I made for it.
I know they're different, but I'm hoping Billie will appreciate that about them.
I used the same white crochet cord for the tassels and tied them all together with one bead that's the same. On this one, I added a silver leaf bead cap on the head, a light blue bead, then another silver bead cap, and topped it off with a Chinese blue and white bead.
This has a silver bead cap (rescued from a vintage piece of jewelry) covering the entire head, then the same Chinese blue and white bead, and a pearl bead.
I used the same silver leaf bead cap on the head of this tassel, then a darker blue bead, next the leaf bead cap with a silver bead, and finally the same Chinese blue and white bead.

All in all, the time I spent making these was a nice respite from everything else I should be doing, but now they're done, so it's back to reality.

Happy Fourth, y'all!

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even-star said...

I love silver and blue. These are lovely. Not sure how I ended up here but am now following :-)