Saturday, July 3, 2010

Miscellany, Etcetera, Ad Infinitum

In case you were wondering (I know you were!), I survived the lunch I gave for my friends, but I've had neither the energy nor the inclination to post since. Still, as I've been the recipient of some cool pics lately, I thought I'd share them with y'all.

I recently mentioned that my sis Billie is redoing her bedroom in blue and white. This pic was taken with her cell phone. (It's pretty good, considering.) Doesn't the bed look cool? (The pillows bookending those in front are ones I made for her. On the left is the one I showed in this post. On the right is one I made for her birthday in January. Never got around to showing pics of that one.)
The triangular pillow she recently found at a thrift store. I'm in the process of making tassels for each point. (I love the fourth pillow, though you can't get close enough to clearly see the details of it. 'Minds me of an embroidered dresser scarf.)
My 'nother sis Ginger recently learned that her beloved cat Buster has a heart murmur. Devastating news. She's treating Buster with meds but the vet can't promise more than a year. (We're hoping Buster proves the vet wrong!) To help her get through the devastation of what she fears is coming, she found a new kitty who needed a home, a Bengal. He's the creature on the table in this fuzzy pic--another made with a cell phone. She wasn't able to get a really good shot of him, said she'd get the phone set to take a photo, click it, then before the pic actually gelled, the son-of-a-gun was gone!
Buster's in the foreground. She's hoping they'll become friends so Buster will have company when she and her hub aren't home.
Another shot of Rufus. He hasn't learned how to play to the camera yet. Ginger thinks he's not actually a full-blood Bengal, but he's pretty darn cute anyway.

We met him this afternoon. He's not a bit shy! And Buster looks wonderful, as if there's not a ding-dong thing wrong with him, though he does seem to have slowed down a bit. Tomorrow's his second birthday. Happy Birthday, B-boy!
Here's Buster eating heart healthy. Max wishes he could be so skinny! (Max and Buster are both yellow kitties, though Max is a bit more orange than Buster. And a lot bigger. And quite a bit older.)
This next shot is my grand-nephew Maxton. His mother Amanda is a cupcake artist. You can see her work at Adventures in Cupcaking. She said while Maxton was playing in the bathtub, she asked what he was doing. His reply: Making cupcakes! (Isn't he a cutie?)
Last but not least, here's my yet another sister Daisy, sailing with her hub. Doesn't she look gorgeous?!

She wants us to do a calendar with twelve months of photos of the six sisters. She's assigned each of us two months--and no, we won't be nude! I have April and August: Easter and the dog days of summer. (Doesn't Daisy make a great calendar girl?)

Tomorrow, I'll try to post shots of Billie's tassels. They're as good as done, but I'm not in the mood to take photos.

'Til then, ta, y'all!


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