Thursday, November 3, 2011

Billie's Padded Hanger

My sister, Billie, recently bought a silk nightgown at the thrift store. She says it's in perfect condition and made of silk so sheer she could pull it through a hole the size of a quarter. She doubted she'd wear it, but at something like $1.99 she couldn't pass it up. It's blue, as is her bedroom so if she ever changed her mind, at least she'd match the decor.

When she decided to hang it on the outside of her closet door, I offered to make her a padded hanger. She was down here a few weeks back, and she brought a favorite worn silk shirt for me to use.

I made it using directions I found in the newspaper in the late '70s. (I was just remembering the other day how newspapers used to have a Women's section, and it didn't include the funnies! I miss that.) It's really nothing more than padding a wire hanger with batting, tracing the outline to make a pattern, stitching it together leaving an opening big enough to insert the hanger, then stitching up the opening. This one I put the hanger in through the bottom, but with the ones I made in the '70s I used a seam down the center.

It went in the mail yesterday. I'll get her to take a pic once she receives it so I can show how it looks in place.

Speaking of Billie, her daughter has started a blog called My Mom Texts.  It's some of Billie's funniest texts to her daughter. IMO, Amanda's equally as funny as her mother. I thought I'd share some of them here.

Me:  Gonna have to up my dosage on crazy meds. Everyone on the planet is pissing me off… Common denominator. Being crazy sucks!
Mom: So so sorry you’re crazy.  I’m relatively sane today and they’re pissing me off too.
Me:  Okay… So maybe it really is everyone else.  Either way more meds can’t hurt!
Mom:  That’s my motto

Me: Jadon just told me that high school is going to suck bc he’s so small and there will be kids there with mustaches.  Let’s pray for a growth spurt!
Mom: He has inner mustache.

(Regarding Washington earthquake)
Mom: If you hear about pentagon its not end of days… Probably fracking in the area.

Mom: I have frking cataracs. And I don’t even care if spelld wrong. Am so mad. Don’t want an old people eye disease
Me: Oh no…. Idc about old I don’t want u to have any disease. And it’s not an old ppl disease. Bai’s friend has cataracts. Can’t u get a weed prescription for that though? Wish I had cataracts.
Mom: I think that’s glaucoma. Damn, was getting excited.

Me: I’m the worst daughter on the planet… I have no idea where u are. :’(
Mom: That was my plan. South of France. Cabana boy. Ring a bell?

Mom: I didn’t get out of bed yesterday except to open door for Chinese food delivery. Watched 26 episodes of Stargate. Why am I so tired?
Me: Lack of exercise. And sunlight.
Mom: Piss on ya.

Mom: Just realized I haven’t eaten since 11:30 yesterday. Tuna salad. I may be hungry. I shld be a lot goofier
Me: Wow… You really should. You’re almost totally lucid (relatively speaking of course).
Mom: I know! Wonder how long I cld go. Ok banana smells good. Nvrmnd

Mom: Just saw man running across parking lot toward open door. Yelling as ran. Thght what if someone w gun in there. Then thght no nvr happens if you think of it. Wonder if he knows I just saved his life?

(While Amanda flies over Georgia)

Me: What do they mine here? We flew over some huge hole right bf we landed.
Mom: Really? Pretty sure it wasn’t there yesterday. For serious only associate georgia w peaches. Pretty sure they grow on trees. Ok wait. Cracking myself up. Maybe its a peach pit.

Enough of that. Time to go. Have a good day, y'all.

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