Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bouquet Addendum

I'm stuck inside today. The hub's in the back lot, digging a trench to irrigate a patch of flowers, and I have to wait for a delivery, which means I can't even retreat to my studio in the backyard.

So--I brought in some handwork along with my light box to photograph the new rendition of the bridal bouquet I'm working on. Since the bride-to-be prefers flowers without embroidery or stacked buttons, I've made several new  to replace the ones with those elements. 
Now I'm working on arrangement. In these first few photos, I placed the flowers in a bouquet, then the leaves below that, then the hydrangeas.
Another view, same arrangement. I've strung beads onto wire loops as additional filler.
Yet another view. Though this flower--and one other--has embroidery, she chose to keep these two.
 This is the last photo with that same arrangement.
Next, I stuck the leaves into the central bouquet with only the hydrangeas as the bottom layer. (There's another arrangement I want to try so I didn't tie the ribbon around this bouquet.)
 Different view, same arrangement.
This is the last view of the second arrangement.

There's one last arrangement I want to try for, inspired by this one at A Thousand Screaming Rabbits.

The components I've put together--and the color scheme--will make it very different, but I think I'd like to see what I can come up with. Gorgeous, innit?

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Anonymous said...

I love the flower in the first picture. It is amazing. I feel so lucky to be marrying a great man (honestly, really great) and working with someone so kind and flexible. Need to go back and look some more but just really wanted to write that!!!