Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Still More Bouquet Photos

If you think this bouquet has taken over my life, you're probably right. I'm dreaming of felt flowers. (Also dreaming of Elizabeth Bennet since my favorite way to do handwork is watching movies made from Jane Austen's novels. I watched the whole set of the BBC movies from thirty or so years ago plus a couple of different Pride and Prejudices, and my latest obsession is BBC's Lost in Austen. I've seen that so many times I know the dialog almost as good as the actors do. But when Elizabeth Bennet starts making felt flowers in my dreams, I'm thinking I've had too much of one or the other.)

Currently I'm working on keeping the turquoise flower from seeming out of place. I may have overdone the turquoise additions in the next few pictures.
We replaced the large turquoise leaves at the bottom with leaves of a darker green so I cut the large turquoise leaves into smaller shapes.One is shown here along with a lily with a turquoise center and the white flower below with a turquoise handmade bead. The turquoise felt just above the leaf is a lily with a green center.

I've wrapped the base with a satin ribbon to give the client an idea of how a wrapped handle looks. She's chosen the vintage ribbon beside it for the finished bouquet.
A different view with another turquoise leaf. You can see the tip of the turquoise flower on the right and a turquoise bead inside a flower just above the leaf.
Yet another view. On the left is one of the darker green leaves I added at the base and there's yet another lily with a turquoise center.
Another view. To the left you see the turquoise lily with green center, which means we've been all around this view of the bouquet.
A view from the top.
And another.
And the last.

I'm thinking the turquoise lily is definitely too much. I'm not sure about all the turquoise leaves. There are three; and I'm thinking I should cut it down at least to two, maybe even to just one. That, along with the original turquoise flower and the turquoise centers to the other flowers may be enough.

Thoughts anyone? It would be much appreciated.


Kathleen Mullaney said...

Felt is really fun to work with, isn't it. About 20 years ago I did a line of kids hats and one of them was decorated with felt flowers. I used wool felt and dyed it so the colors were really unusual. I could do something again with dyed felt.
Thanks for reading and commenting!

Tricia ~~ Handmade Whimzy said...

What if the turquoise flower was the only felt flower in that color? It would really pop. Also, you could use that color of ribbon to wrap the "stems".

I like the use of the turquoise beads. What if you made some of those filler loops with turquoise seed beads to add more of the color in?

You're doing a great job with it. I love the idea behind it and turquoise is one of my favorite colors.