Monday, September 2, 2013

Shades of White

I'm not a frilly person, but I do like things a little bit girly sometimes. The only places I try this, though, are my guest room and my studio. The studio, as usual, is so messy that I may never show it online,  but the guest room is normally relatively clean. (I say relatively cuz I cleaned out the closet in there over the weekend and still haven't found places to put the stuff I dragged out. But I can keep that stuff out of the photos!)

First I found a vintage matelasse spread on Etsy. (Because of the height of today's mattresses, vintage coverlets don't fit.) It works well with the bedskirt and the lamp shades I made earlier, and it started me on a search for more white.
In this shot, you can see both the graphic lamp shade and the one with the button band.
Another angle. (The green chair I hope to slipcover in the fall.)
I've been acquiring pillows all year. This one came from the thrift store. I cut a down bed pillow apart to make the insert.
This also came from the thrift store. I used the remainder of the bed pillow for this insert as well.
 This one I made last year. All those rolled roses. and I ran out of the felted cashmere before I had enough! Hence the red rose. I would have liked to have covered the entire pillow with roses, no gaps, but needs must when the devil drives.
Another one I made, more or less. I found a lovely hand-embroidered cutwork dresser scarf at the thrift shop and made a linen pillow to wrap it around. The blue glass is a button I made wrapping sterling wire around the glass. This one's on offer at my Etsy shop. 
 To close out, here's a close-up shot of the pillows on the bed. (The yellow pillowslips behind I had to add trim to make them long enough. Again, needs must. Or--necessity is the mother of creativity!) The doll in front was made for me quite some time ago by a dear friend. Isn't it gorgeous!

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