Monday, September 16, 2013

Pinterest Copycat

As I've come into a lot of doilies recently, I've been scouring the 'net for ideas for them, concentrating on pillows. I'm not that fond of those with a doily stitched full-on onto the front. Because I had one in the '70s, which I loved, the idea now seems dated to me. Anyway, I found this one that I really liked.
It's from a Turkish blog called Moab Like Braids. I liked it so much I decided to try one myself.

The pillow I made from a discarded matelasse bedskirt, ergo the size: 12"x12".  The doily was one of a pair I picked up at a thrift store.  I think they're gorgeous with the bunches of pouffy grapes. To that, I added roses leftover from another project, the lighter one of felted cashmere, and the two darker of felted camel hair. The images in the pocket are from Graphics Fairy--naturally.
So how'd I do? Is it bothersome that my pillow comes out lighter than the original? Shall I do a muslin for the next, since I still have another grape doily? (The doily shows up lighter in this pic than it actually is.) I'd love your comments.

I'll be linking to The Graphics Fairy Brag Monday and later in the week to Timewashed's White Wednesday.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

This is a good way to use those doilies! I love how it looks on your pillow. I've been picking up some pretty doilies at yard sales this year and don't always have a plan for them. I have used a couple on pillows so far, but not making a pocket with them. I think I'll try that next! Thanks for sharing!

Lilasesazuis said...




LÍGIA E =ˆˆ=

suziqu's thread works said...

Creating with these beautiful vintage doilies doesn't get much better!
What a lovely project!