Monday, February 16, 2015

Upcycling, Part trois

More upcycled pillows:

This was made of a designer fabric sample, backed with raw silk, which I purchased new.

The matelassé I made this pillow from was gleaned from a discarded bedskirt.
The doily was from the thrift store. Don't you know the woman
who made this beauty was proud of it.
It's gorgeous!

This tea towel was a thrift store find more than fifteen years ago. Because the towel  
pattern is so yummy, I made the pillow so the towel could be
restored if anyone should choose to do so. The zipper is 
hand-picked, a couture technique.

This pillow was made from a cutter quilt I picked up somewhere ages ago
 and thrift store lace.

All the pillows in this post are currently available in my Etsy store. In the future I might do a post on pillows from the past, but not today.

Tomorrow I'll show tea cozies from upcycled materials.

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