Monday, February 16, 2015

Upcycling, Part trois

More upcycled pillows:

This was made of a designer fabric sample, backed with raw silk, which I purchased new.

The matelass√© I made this pillow from was gleaned from a discarded bedskirt.
The doily was from the thrift store. Don't you know the woman
who made this beauty was proud of it.
It's gorgeous!

This tea towel was a thrift store find more than fifteen years ago. Because the towel  
pattern is so yummy, I made the pillow so the towel could be
restored if anyone should choose to do so. The zipper is 
hand-picked, a couture technique.

This pillow was made from a cutter quilt I picked up somewhere ages ago
 and thrift store lace.

All the pillows in this post are currently available in my Etsy store. In the future I might do a post on pillows from the past, but not today.

Tomorrow I'll show tea cozies from upcycled materials.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Upcycling, part deux

Today's pillows are all made from recycled fabric/vintage towels, one of my fave kinds of pillows.

This one was a gorgeous linen tea towel that had a big hole in it. 
Couldn't be darned or else I'd have tried. I used it and a piece 
of new chenille fabric bought as a remnant. The flower
is from a silk bought as a remnant from a
design curtain/upholstery firm.

This was a kitchen towel. I'll admit I didn't buy it at a thrift store; 
it was new from Dollar Tree. The buttons though are
vintage, as are most of the ones I use.

The doily's the upcycled bit here, that plus the wool for the flower and 
the linen itself, which also came from a thrift store. 
Ditto on the button. 

Again a doily was the upcycled bit, but the glass for the 
button was a thrift store find too. I used new
linen for the underfabric.

This was a Battenburg tablecloth from a thrift store. It had a hole,
which could have been darned but the tablecloth
 wasn't unique enough to warrant doing so.

That's all for today. Check back  tomorrow for more upcycled pillows. Oh, and all but the top pillow, already sold, are available at my Etsy store.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Upcycling, part one

Do you recycle/upcycle?

I admit it's an obsession with me, taking something old and making it new again. I love redoing pillow covers, and I admit recycling isn't always necessary with the ones I find. But--since I have an Etsy shop and they only allow items made by others if they're more than 20 years old and I can't actually use all the pillows I come across, I find recycling necessary.

In this part of the country, pillow covers/pillows can be had for a song, and, with a little creativity--and a certain amount of  work--they can become truly magnificent. (That's my opinion, of course.)

This was a Crate and Barrel pillow, in excellent condition. I bought it originally because it was a cheap price to pay for a down pillow form. Then, well, I couldn't discard the cover, now could I? So I added a flower, made of an old cashmere coat I'd felted, and needlefelted the center to tie in with the pillow itself.

This was a Calvin Klein pillow cover, again in excellent shape, again with a down pillow form (which I can pretty much ditto on every one of these). It took me ages but I stitched the buttons into the ampersand shape. I'll admit this is one of my faves.

A grape silk cushion cover, this. Need I say I bought it for the down form? This one had stains, which I thought I might be able to get out. And I did, after hand washing it. Then I stitched the buttons into the etc. shape. It's another one I like, though neither this one nor the Calvin Klein, nor even the Crate and Barrel work in my home. The first two have sold, this one's still up for grabs in my Etsy shop.

This is upcycled merely in that it was a vintage tea towel I made into cushion cover, then monogramed with buttons. It was my first button project, something I made probably six or seven years ago. It too can be had for the taking .

This last is also not a reclaimed cushion cover. It's made from a vintage sampler I picked up somewhere in my thrifting and remnant fabrics. The design is one I saw, again many years ago, at a semi-local way cool fabric store: Cowgirls and Lace in Dripping Springs, TX. They were asking $125 for theirs. Mine's in my Etsy shop for $50.

That's all today. Check back in tomorrow for more upcycling.