Friday, May 22, 2009

Featured Etsy Seller--Little Sassy

I know y'all are saying, Oh, well, she's your sis, but yunno what? She's darn good! So let me introduce Daisy of LittleSassy and LittleSassyMini

She and her husband recently took his daughter to see the King Tut exhibit to celebrate Erica's birthday.
This is the gift Daisy made for Erica. (She has another for sale in her shop.) Isn't it cool? And so appropriate. The museum shopkeeper must have swooned on sight! 
And look at the detail. Daisy's work is exquisite. 
Her tissue covers are fantabulous! She made one like this for our baby sister who, as I've mentioned before, is wonderfully musical. 
Gotta love the frogs! 
She also does dollhouse rugs. Aren't these exquisite? Makes you want to have a mini room setting. (She's thinking about doing miniature room shadow boxes. She'd do excellent at it, in my opinion.)
Makes you wanta visit these little rooms, huh? 

And lastly, this is the gift she gave me while we were in Eureka Springs. Yeah, those are my book covers on front. Cool, huh?

Look at the workmanship on the inside. That's a neat little snap flap.

And the handles--yunno, I think I'll copy that method on my next handbag!

Now, I'm off to the movies. Today I'm going all by my lonesome--by preference, y'all--to see Star Trek. Okay, maybe it's not all by preference. Except for my sis Billie and maybe my brother Joe, no one else in the family likes sci-fi, especially not my sis Ginger or my SIL Sunny, both of whom live close enough to go. Anyway, I like going to the movies alone. I'll carry a big handbag into which I'll sneak in a bottle of water and a granola bar--that'll be lunch since the movie starts at 11:40a. I know it's not nice to take your own stuff to the movies, but sheesh their prices!

So, see y'all later. Ta.



Thank you so much, sweet Sis, for featuring me on your blog! And thanks for taking pictures of the tote - gee whiz - I did pretty good on that, didn't I?

You've always been so good to me and featuring me is just one more sterling example (sniff, sniff). LUV YA!

TexNan said...

Awww! What can I say? You're pretty special yourself. Happy b'day! Hope it's been terrifical.