Wednesday, May 20, 2009

She's ba-ack!

Eureka Springs was a dream! It took us, I dunno, about eight hours or so to get there and of course we spent the whole time laughing. I can't even remember now at what, there were so many things over the weekend to laugh about. The cottage was great; we could be as loud as we wanted without worrying about being thrown out. 

It was drizzling that first morning, ergo the umbrellas on the front porch. Billie and I had just returned from our first walk when I took this picture. I loved walking in ES,  and I found I had much more stamina than I feared I would. My sisters were tireless! Ginger, the sis just younger than me, and Billie, the next youngest, and Alice, the baby, climbed a 10-story observation tower. Daisy and I, the smart ones in the family, decided not this time. Maybe next--because there absolutely has to be a next. As I said, the trip was magical.

This was a street musician who was so waifish--she looked as if she needed a good meal and a good bath, not necessarily in that order--that I had to give her a little money. I couldn't not. Daisy felt it too; she sat on the bench behind her a while and harmonized with her. (Did I say Alice and Daisy and Billie have tremendous voices? Ginger and I--not so much--we're not bad; we're just not in their class.)
Here too, while the rest of us were shopping, Billie was climbing. If you look past the grassy fronds, you'll see her head. 
Speaking of shopping, I took these pictures in the store the rest of us were visiting while Billie climbed. This is just the whimsical style I love! The store was filled with artist's products; I could have spent all day there.

This is the only shot I got of downtown ES. Not as pretty as the one I showed before I left. This is the lower part of town, near the trolley station.

And now, now that I've given the gifts, here are pics of the memory bags I made for my sisters. This first one's Alice's.
And Daisy's.
And Billie's.
And Ginger's.
I meant to show the pillow I made Daisy; I was so certain I'd taken a picture before I put it in the pillowcase wrapping, but I can't find a single one! Oh, well.

As much as I love my sisters and Eureka Springs, it's good to be home.

Ta, y'all.


Diann said...

Nothing is better than a good long "jaw-jack" with your sisters. I'm lucky enough to have a group like that, too. We spend most of our time together laughing (if you don't count crying , gossiping and the rest)

kimmy said...

good to hear you had fun

number6 said...