Friday, August 7, 2009

My Latest

You know, I really, really don't like fake flowers. It's just a hang-up of mine, and yes, I know, there are some gloriously beautiful ones. I'm just not into them.

So why, you ask, do I make so many felt flowers? It really isn't contradictory, at least not to me. I think there's a difference in the silk/faux silk pretend-to-be-real fake flowers and the blatantly fake bits of jewelry I make.

Here's my latest: A peony, with a vintage MOP (mother-of-pearl for those who don't speak button) as a stigma (center of the bloom for those who don't speak flower). (I'm loving this wool quilt Daisy brought me.)

Anyone else feel there's not enough hours in the day for all you want to create? (I felt that way back when I was writing as well. Obsessive compulsive much?) I have an idea in my head for several tassels as well; I just can't seem to get started on them. And the masses of felt from the blanket are perfect for tea cozies and memory bags....

Here's another bunch of blooms I made, which I still haven't decided what to do with:
This was that paper rose technique that I used on scraps from the two previous flowers I did. Daisy suggested I arrange them in a spray but since I need a felt base to hold them down I'm not sure how a spray would work or to what I would attach it. A comb? Seems as if it would need embellishment as well, like poufs of tulle and maybe sprays of pearls, none of which I have at hand.

Any thoughts?

I'm off to do some handwork I promised a neighbor. Ta, y'all.

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