Monday, August 3, 2009

Hello, my name is Nancy, and I'm a craftaholic...

And the internet feeds my addiction.

I'm sure I haven't even scraped the surface of the evil contained therein, which sorta frightens me. It's like recognizing a weakness for chocolate and living next door to a candy factory. What's a girl to do?

If you share my addiction at all and hope to have the least little bit of control, do not visit One Pretty Thing! Or Totally Tutorial. Me, I can't stay away from either, and I'm always finding a new "I wanta try that" project.

Here's one:
I can't even remember on which site I saw this--or when. The original tutorial showed it done in paper and I filed it away in my memory bank, thinking, hmm, wonder if that would work with felt. Then, when I finally decided to make it--I was in the middle of another project, yunno, and thought, this is a short one; I can break the monotony of what I'm doing with it. But I could find neither hide nor hair at either of the aforementioned sites, and it took me a while doodling away on the 'net--not working on my project--before I found this tutorial at DoziDesigns. Turned out kinda nice as felt roses, didn't it? (That's two hair clips pictured; I'll be listing them as a pair on Etsy.) They started out as a 4"x4" square of felt, and in cutting them out, I had a few larger bits of corner, so-o-o...I made three smaller ones...

Which I attached to a bobby pin. (My pictures on this aren't good enough to list on Etsy yet, so that'll come another day.)

These cute little boxes I saw some time back too, but luckily this tutorial I found rather easily when I went back for it. (I'm taking part in a swap with my Etsy Texas group and this is my offering.) The tutorial by Applehead is here.

And that's a short little look into the life of an addict! (Anyone want to write a book on it?)

Ta, ya'll.

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