Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Design Question

A while back, Daisy and her hub went on a trip to Philadelphia, then on to upper NY state, business for him, fun for her. She brought back a wonderful wool blanket, which she felted before she brought it to me. Today, I finally cut into that lovely wool felt--just a wee bit, just enough for a flower brooch. It's all ready to stitch together but I can't make up my mind which center I should use. I sure would like some help from y'all; tell me which you prefer, please.

This center is a vintage brooch I picked up when we were in Eureka Springs. I'm leaning toward this.
To show how it looks when attached, this is one I made previously (I bought two brooches just alike in ES).
Again I've use a vintage brooch I bought maybe a year ago. I do like this one, though it looks, I dunno, kinda old lady-ish? (No comment from the peanut gallery!) Plus as I recall I paid about twenty bucks for the brooch so if I use this one, I'll have to price my resulting brooch appropriately.

This is just a plastic flower button. I like the button but the resulting flower seems a bit blandish.
Ditto on this one.

This is a vintage shoe clip, and yes I actually wore them, back when I had a pair of 'em. Somehow over the years, I lost one. I tried it cuz it is sparkly, and I'm a sparkly kinda gal.

A vintage mother of pearl button. I do love it but again I think the resulting flower is blandish.

The two below are rhinestone buttons, but they're a bit too smallish so I'm not sure either of them work.

What do you guys think? If I use the green vintage brooch I'd probably charge about $12. Worth it? Or too much? Too little? With the vintage pearl brooch center, would it be worth the $35 I'd probably ask? (You see, in putting these together I cut holes in the layers down to a certain point to accommodate whichever center I use and each of these pretty much require something different. So I'm stuck until I make a decision.)

I'd appreciate any suggestions and am waiting with bated breath!


Mary Keenan said...

the potentially old-ladyish pearl brooch with the stacked layers, for sure - it mimics the stacked petals too perfectly not to use it!


I'm lovin the pearl brooch. It looks very Grace Kelly ... classy and beautiful.


AND I think it would look great as an accent on a veil -- so many modern brides want something more contemporary for their wedding veil. I think this would look great clipped into a brides hair with a pouf of tulle. Or it could be clipped onto her wedding purse. And its the sort of thing she could wear/use every anniversary. Whatcha think?

TexNan said...

Ooh, Daisy, I like that idea! Now you and Maire--thanks, lady, I hoped you'd stop by--and Billie this morning by phone have all voted for the pearl brooch. And with your little bridal twist, Daisy, I'm gonna go for it. Thanks again.

LindaGJ said...

I happen to like the vintage approach! But they all look so cute! The vintage makes it look more expensive.
Love it though!