Monday, July 27, 2009

Vintage Tea Towel Pillow

I have to admit I'm a sucker for vintage tea towels. I've made other pillows from them such as this one and the one shown here.

For some time, I've had a set of towels I'm particularly fond of. I'd never dare dry dishes with them; they're too beautiful, and in my kitchen, it's either serviceable or not there. So I decided to use one as my next project.

I love the vividness of this fabric. Doesn't it scream Fiestaware?

Instead of machine-stitching the zipper, I wanted to hand-pick one. I first saw this method of zipper insertion on a Sandra Betzina show many years ago, and my dear friend Kathy, who's couture trained and has made hand-picked zippers for her own clothing, says they're very sturdy. So I used a back-stitch over the already machine-stitched hems on the tea towel, a hand-stitch about every three machine stitches. I think it turned out nice for a first effort; it's something I'll definitely do again.

You can see it on Etsy here.

Ta, y'all.


Anonymous said...

This is one of the most beautiful tea towels I've ever seen! And it turned into a very cute pillow! It just makes me want a country house and fill it up with such treasures!


TexNan said...

I'm with you, T. I love country houses, but the Hub doesn't. Otherwise I'd have slipcovered furniture and tea towel pillows everywhere. (About 8 years ago, I slipcovered my sofa, and even though it took me all summer long--I'm a putzer and a fiddler--it wasn't all that difficult.)