Monday, July 20, 2009

Raggedy Who?

A couple of weeks back, a couple of my cousins visited my hometown and my sister, my SIL, and I drove up to visit with them. They're funny and interesting, and I loved seeing them. One, though, told me about my mother befriending her daughter when she came to visit many years ago--they live in Illinois. And the daughter just had her first child whom she named Grace after my mother.

I've always loved the name, and it fit my mother perfectly. Jeanie's granddaughter is Gracie Jo--how perfect is that? (My niece is Bonnie Grace, another pretty perfect name.)

So--I decided to make a gift for Gracie Jo in memory of my mother. But what? Never having had a child myself, I hadn't a clue. Still don't, actually, but I ran across this post a while back.

Cute, isn't she? I thought I could try her so I bought the pattern and went to work. But...there's not an easy bone in my body. I had to make it hard. I love what I wound up with as far as the doll's concerned.
I'm not happy with the clothing yet. I have a couple of ideas on what I can do to make me happier: where the t-shirt neck buckles I think I'll add some elastic thread to gather it instead and where the raw edge is on the hem--I zigzagged it but it's still a bit raggedy; you know how denim does--I think I'll make a bias of the same fabric I used as a liner on the overall bib and sew that over the raw hem.

Then maybe Gracie Jo'll get her doll--as soon as I get my cuz's address from my sister.

(BTW I've missed being here, missed touching base with those of you who're still interested. I'm hoping I'll be better in the future, but we'll see.)



Mary Keenan said...

Love the doll - even her feet!!

TexNan said...

Thanks, Maire. What you can't see is that her feet are actually little boots. And what I meant by making things harder is 1) instead of the felt hair the pattern called for I gave her yarn pigtails; 2) instead of felt and inked features I used embroidery; 3) instead of the more simple shirt and pants or dress and pantaloons I gave her overalls and a t-shirt; and 4) instead of a mitten-type hand I had to stitch fingers! But yunno I really do kinda like her. The major thing that's got me stymied is that her t-shirt kinda buckles around the neck. Did I say that in the post? Yep I think I did. :)

Mary Keenan said...

You could call those buckles 'gathering'... ;^)

TexNan said...

Thanks for that, Maire. I needed a chuckle--it's early morning and I'm barely moving!