Friday, June 12, 2009


Here it is the end of the week, and I've been absent most of it. Well, absent online; so very present at home.

Last week, Tom generously offered to build extra shelves for me in my studio and double the size of my craft table. The place has been a mess for a long time and got even messier when I brought home boxes of items from the storage unit to sell on Etsy (which I will do more assiduously once I get my studio tidied enough to photograph things).

Anyway, I figured that I'd first clean up, Tom would do his thing, then I'd re-stow my stuff into my better-arranged space, and everything would be hunky-dunky. Of course, at the speed I move that would have taken until Christmas or beyond, and Tom's been married to me too long to not understand that. So, laboring under my false illusion, I la-la-la-ed my way through tidying up last Friday and Saturday and Sunday. Then Monday we got the lumber, Tom assuring me it would take him a while to get the shelves cut and painted. Tuesday morning, I mosied out to find he'd taken everything off my one existing shelf and stashed it all willy-nilly: atop my craft table, all over my cutting table, on my sewing table (all of which were already stacked high) and in both chairs. In other words, everywhere. I was grumpy, to say the least, but now that I have three 8-foot shelves where before I had one and most of the sewing side of the studio's pretty darn close to tidy, I've cheered up considerably. The craft table's almost done as well, and I'm thinking I should prepare myself. Right now he's assuring me I don't have to do a dingdong thing for him to set it up. We'll see.

Once it's finished and I've tidied completely, I'll take pictures (which I'd best do pretty darn fast cuz Lord knows it's not in my nature to keep things tidy.)

I'd intended last week to work on the flower for the pillow I discussed earlier, but of course I haven't had a chance. The silk came in, and it's gorgeous and I wanted to get right on it, but didn't have a spare space to cut on. Oh, well, needs must when the devil drives.

BTW, here's my choice for fabric for roman shades for the studio. It's 100% linen on sale at Denver Fabrics for $6.95 a yard. They have some great deals on their end of season sale. Check it out.

I'll take pics of the shades too once I've got them done. (Should I say here that projects take me forever to finish? I do finish; it's just a long time coming.)

Gotta go now. Y'all have a great weekend, ya hear?

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