Friday, June 5, 2009

Design Dilemma

Okay, I have a design question. Sometimes, I just don't know when to stop, or when enough's enough. Left to my own devices, I'd probably load everything I make with every bit of tacky bling I could find.

I made this pillow several years ago. At the time, my best friend from high school had an antique booth and she was offering my pillows in her shop. Before this was completely finished, she closed shop and so I stuck it away. I made it from a cutter linen dish towel that I totally loved. The main design had a great big hole in it, so large I couldn't darn, which I did a lot of in vintage linens back then. And then I found this remnant chenille piece and decided to do a nine patch with the two. Normally with a nine-patch pillow, you border it with a different fabric and the squares are smaller, but who ever said I was normal?
The center stacked button adornment I recently added, but I'm not liking it. Still it looks quite plain with nothing--that's where the border would have helped. So I was thinking I might add tassels on the top two corners. Now with the pics below you'll have to call on your imagination cuz I used what I have on hand.
This first is a close-up with a black tassel. I'm thinking maybe a white with bits of red in it. Or maybe equal red and white with just a bit of green. (Oh, and I forgot to instruct you to ignore the cup towel I tucked behind the pillow for contrast. The dark blue of the chair obscured the tassel.)
Now, imagine the center button stack gone and the tassels white and red and equally sized.

Am I on the right path, design-wise? Oh, and fyi and not for decision-making, this is the back. The closure's not yet stitched, and I haven't fully decided whether I should go with the button tabs or put button-holes in the band. (If you can't tell, I used practically every inch of each fabric in the manufacture of the piece.
Any help y'all can give me will be greatly appreciated. C'mon, guys, just a comment, just an idea. And thanks in advance.

Ta, y'all.



I think it looks great as is. Re: tassels, I'd probably go with red and a little white, rather than white with a little red, but that's just my preference. Love color!

TexNan said...

Thanks, Daisy. You don't think it's a little plain with nothing? I totally don't like the stacked button thingie I have on it now.

Mary Keenan said...

ohhhhhh, what about a big ribbon flower smack in the middle, in red, like a bow on a present? One big in your face thing, rather than a lot of little things.

LOVE the fabric btw, both solid and print.

TexNan said...

Ooh, I like it! Yunno, I was thinking about something similar the other day then it totally slipped my mind. Good thinking, Maire.