Monday, June 8, 2009

And more still

So these are the pics I didn't post yesterday. First a wildflower closeup. This is nettle. Horrid plant, beautiful flower. 
And here's my Maxie again. I think he likes sniffing weeds as much as he does herbs.
Tom's growing tomatoes in an EarthTainer. That sucker's heavy so we're keeping it on his lawn trailer, just in case we have to move it around. Can't wait for those suckers to get ripe. 
This is Tom's cacti garden. I want to put river rock around the plants, but Tom plans to move the bed farther from the greenhouse so he can mow around it with the John Deere.
See how wild it looks beyond what we've cleared out. It really isn't. Directly behind this plot is a dirt road to just beyond our property where the road is paved and has several high end homes along it.
This is our greenhouse. Tom's built a pergola/lattice over it to kind of protect it from our summer sun. (No matter how neat and tidy our yard looks in the front and middle of the property, these are the work areas--and look like it.)

And here's Tom's in the ground (ITG) garden. At the far left is bell pepper and tomatoes. (ITG isn't doing nearly as well as EarthTainer.) In the middle are beans.
On the end, cucumbers. 

And that's the end of our garden tour, folks. Check back in a couple of months and we'll see how the garden grows.

Ta, y'all.


LindaGJ said...

I love all your new photos!!! What a pretty yellow flower, too cute....the kitty, & your greenhouse or garden looks so professional!!! Cool!

TexNan said...

Thanks, Linda. So far we haven't had a deer problem but Tom told me tonight that one of his tomato plants--not the EarthTainers or the one in that front bed but a plant that sits on the greenhouse stoop--looks like the deer have gotten to it. He's easily discouraged, but heck I'll just get some Deer Off. (Oh, and I just discovered a couple of chigger bites. What can I say? Summer's here!)