Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mama's Birthday and Other Miscellanea

Today would have been my mother's 95th birthday, and I have faith that, had she lived this long, she would have been just as adorable as she was 'til the end. My granddad lived to 94 so it wasn't unlikely Mama would as well, but, yunno, man proposes; God disposes. Still if you have a moment to spare, send a birthday thought to my mom in Heaven. I know she's there. (Whoops! My 'rithmatic was wrong; she'd have been 93.)

Now the miscellany: yesterday I asked for help in the final finishing bit on my nine-patch pillow, and Maire of Procrastination Diary, bless her heart, came up with a terrific idea. Maire doesn't get personal on her blog, and nor will I, but in the past she's shared pics with me of her home, and it's exactly the kind of place I'd choose if I had my druthers: a nice little cottage in the city within walking distance of shops, and she's decorated it vintage style, which also suits my taste. So when she suggested I add a red flower to the center patch of my nine-patch, I knew she was spot on.

I was already in the middle of making a felt brooch using a vintage pin I bought while in Eureka Springs. 
It's definitely not the right color, but I love the brooch on it. 
I had at first envisioned something in silk. Turns out that though I have lots of silk bits, I've nothing of the right red so I backed up to felt. Now I'd like opinions. 
This is the flower I made using two colors of red felt. Love the old button...
but it doesn't have the impact of the vintage brooch, does it?  
Here it is, in situ. Should I go larger with the flower? Just change the button? Hold out for the silk?

Don't be bashful, folks! I know I don't get tons of visitors, but I don't need tons of opinions. Just y'all's, whoever you are. Thanks. And ta.


Mary Keenan said...

Oh, that is so cute! I'd try it bigger just to see how it works - big and floppy and showing just a bit of the corners of that central square, like the pillow is a showcase for the bow.

And thanks for the nice thoughts about my little cottagey house ;^) I sure wish you could come and have tea with me in it in person!

TexNan said...

You're right, Maire. Big and floppy. I ordered some silk yesterday but I'll play around with muslin until it comes.

And yeah me too about the tea. I tell myself someday, but Tom has me pretty well hog-tied. Once upon a time I was independent; now I just le-le-le-le my way along and let him boss me. Who is this person I've become?!

TexNan said...

BTW Maire, if you come back and check this message, I was looking for something to read the other day and ran across Bob's book. He's keeping me company now before I go to sleep each night. Shall I tell him you say hi?

Mary Keenan said...

Please do!! I think of him so often :^)