Saturday, July 25, 2009

Raggedy Done

Picture me spanking my hands in satisfaction. I've finished her, done all the fiddly bits and here she is in her naked glory!
I know--her heart's in the wrong place! I could say that I did it on purpose--since 1% of the world's population have hearts on the right side--but I'd be bald-faced lyin'. I swear I tried to put it on right--I mean, left. I marked it that way, and then before I started stitching it, I turned it back and forth and upside down trying to make sure I had it right (you know what I mean!) and then danged if I didn't stitch it in the wrong dingdong place! (Actually, I'm always getting my left and right confused. When I'm navigating and I say "turn left" when I mean "turn right", my sis Ginger always says, "Oh, you mean military left.")
Here are Raggedy's clothes after I fiddled with them. I didn't like all the raw edges on the overalls so I used bias binding to cover the hems and the waist. (On this, my sis Billie says I've crossed the line. I'm just not sure which line she means!)

See, the t-shirt looks gathered above, not bulky.Only here that quick little fix I made--elastic thread stitched down at each end and pulled tight through the binding casing--let go, so it's back to kinda bulky again. But I'm done now; it's for a child who probably won't give a dingaling how the doll's sewn.

I also spent some time today rephotographing some items for Etsy--and reworking a couple. Do you see the hand holding up Raggedy above? I bought that a couple of weeks ago from Beadaholique on Etsy, and I think it makes a great display item.

Here it is with one of my felt brooches. Looks good, huh? (The hand, I mean--as a photo element.) This is a brooch I reworked; it used to have a couple of stacked buttons in the center, but I decided it would look better with a bit of bling.

I reworked this one too. It had stacked buttons as well. This time, I went all out on the bling.
And the last one I reworked. Again, I'd used stacked buttons before--I'm just not liking the stacked buttons so much anymore on brooches. The center here is a vintage button I picked up at the thrift store last week. I think it makes a perfect stigma. (Yep, that's what you call the center of a flower, doncha know.)

Time to say so long, y'all. Come back soon, ya hear?


Anonymous said...

ohhhh, she is so cute! Great job!

TexNan said...

Thanks, T. I'm not a doll person, but I totally love her. Maybe that's the reason I still haven't sent her off--but I will. Soon.

Diann said...