Tuesday, July 28, 2009

80's Ladies

We were three little girls from school.
One was pretty, one was smart

And one was a borderline fool.

That's me and Billie and Daisy (LittleSassy) in the '50s. Weren't we the ragamuffins? And serious? We look like we're mad at the world. (Maybe we were.)

Well she's still good lookin'
That woman hadn't slipped a bit.

That's Daisy on the left, me on the right, off for an evening at a dinner theater in the '70s. Do dinner theaters even exist now?

The smart one used her head
She made her fortune.

And me, I cross the border every chance I get.

There was a lot I could get Tom to do before we married. (This was taken in the '60s.)

We were the girls of the 50's.

I'm on the left; Billie's on the right, wild child that she was.

Stoned rock and rollers in the 60's.

And more than our names got changed
As the 70's slipped on by.

Look at those legs on Billie! Doncha hate her.

Now we're 80's ladies.
There ain't been much these ladies ain't tried.

We've been educated.

We got liberated.

And had complicating matters with men.
Oh, we've said "I do"

And we've signed "I don't"
And we've sworn we'd never do that again.

Oh, we burned our bras,

And we burned our dinners

And we burned our candles at both ends.

And we've had some children

Who look just like the way we did back then.

Oh, but we're all grown up now.
All grown up,

But none of us could tell you quite how.

An '80s writing group. I'm the short one on the right.

This song has been on my mind a lot lately. It speaks of my generation more than any I can think of so I thought I'd share it with you.

I hope K.T.'s still rocking somewhere!

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