Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I sometimes visit Google Analytics to check traffic in my Etsy shops. It's a really cool tool that shows how many visitors you have each day and where they come from. Sometimes I remember to check; sometimes I forget. Sometimes it makes me blue, and sometimes it doesn't so much.

I always check CraftCult, several times a day actually. It shows where the traffic is targeted, which items are being viewed, and how many hearts each has received.

I'm not ashamed to say I don't get a whole lot of traffic--I've only been doing this since last fall. But last Sunday when I checked CraftCult, I had something like 18 new hearts in my vintage shop. OMG! I don't normally have that many visitors, much less hearts. So then I went to Google Analytics, which showed I'd had 200 visitors and indicated Etsy Finds as the source. GA has occasionally shown other traffic from EFinds, but only one or two at a time and on those occasions, when I checked the location I couldn't determine the reason. I thought it was a glitch or something. Not this time though; this time the reason was obvious.

One of the Sunday articles was about the decor of Grey Gardens with the author highlighting items that could be used in creating a similar decor. The item she included from my shop was a pair of art deco wire-haired terrier bookends.
Even today I'm getting traffic from the article, though not nearly as much.

Talk about cheap thrills! It doesn't take much to make me happy. I think I smiled the rest of Sunday and into Monday. Well, actually, I still kinda am.

Little things, yunno.

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