Friday, November 27, 2009

Felt Poinsettia Ornament Tutorial

This is my first real tutorial so y'all bear with me, please. When I tried to find poinsettia tutes online, nothing I found suited my purposes so I developed my own method.I like the result, and it's dead easy!

I started with three felt circles: two at approximately 3 1/4 inches () and one at 2 1/2.

Mark at equal intervals: eight on the larger, six on the smallest. I've used an air-erasable marker on these, but you can actually cut these markings since they'll be cut here anyway.

Cut two snips in the middle of each of the markings to make a small point. (See pic below.)

I use a pair of cuticle scissors, reserved for cutting fabric, to cut the petals as shown below. It makes the cutting of curves much easier.

 Cut around all eight (6) petals on one side, then flip and cut the opposite curves.

Continue until all petals are cut on all three layers.

If using shank button as center, cut a small hole in the middle of the top layer.

 Audition centers.

Cut a strip of ribbon--I've used about an 8" piece doubled--and stack between the bottom and second layers. Stitch the layers and button together.

I'm still learning this new blogging system so please forgive all the spaces in this post!

And that's all she wrote!


Mary Keenan said...

Aren't you clever with the cuticle scissors!! I have to get myself a pair asap so I can try this out - great tutorial!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

This would be great as a broach and to top a gift too. Very clever.

I hope that you will come by and see the ornaments I made: pearl encrusted star, crystal and button ball and an anthro inspired tree topper.

janice said...



Centsational Girl said...

I just love felt poinsettias and yours are simply marvelous ! That vintage button/pin in the center makes them so one of a kind - great tutorial too ! Tip: Download Windows Live Writer for your blog posts - your world will never be the same - pic uploading is so much better !


Megan Lee said...

These are so pretty!