Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thrift Thursday

Sorry for the FTP (Failure to Post--I saw that on someone else's blog and thought it was clever. Maybe everyone already knows what it is, and I'm a donkey's tail, but that's normal). I've thought of a million things to post about and never had the pictures--what's a post without pictures?

First, a Tom update: he's doing well and we've settled back into our normal routine.

Now to my thrift story: A week ago Tuesday I made it to the library thrift store in Marble Falls. (Tom says it's the neatest--as in clean--thrift store he's ever been to. It's also a bit high in prices, but it's located just between my hair stylist and where I meet Ginger for lunch. What's not perfect about that?)

I always check fabrics and linens at this store. Sometimes I find good things; sometimes not. Last week I found almost 4 yards of a light denim fabric and 3 of a lovely blue paisley. (I'm in the middle of a project involving those. More later.)

I also found two embroidered tablecloths I couldn't pass up.
This one's a lovely linen 72" round cross stitch in perfect condition. (I had to shoot toward the pantry as my refrigerator has gone out--:P--and while we're waiting for it to be repaired we've brought too small fridges in from our workshops, stacked one on top of the other. Repairman's supposed to come today. Yay!)

The bowl in the center is something I picked up years ago at one of my fave thrift stores in Fort Worth, a wonderful old copper bowl I've filled with pumpkins and a gold-beige candle for the harvest season.)
This is a tea tablecloth, the kind ladies used for their bridge games in the '50s, '60s. My mother never played cards with the ladies--she was too busy raising eleven kids!--but my mother-in-law did. Canasta, I think. She would have used a cloth similar to this.
This is a closer shot of the candle arrangement in the center. Not that you needed a closer shot; I just thought it was pretty.

A closer picture of the embroidery detail.

Once I used cloths like this, but I stopped when I moved into this house. Why? Because the delicacy of hand-embroidery didn't seem to lend itself. There's so much wood--beautiful, but almost masculine, which I do like but which, again, doesn't seem to call for lace and embroidery. Oh, well.

Take care, y'all.


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Diann said...

Lovely. I really love the candle holders!