Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just Some Things I Made

Thought I'd share with y'all some of the ornaments I've been working on.

This one I needlefelted on a bit of wool felt. It sold in less than a day. Am I asking too little? $6.50, free shipping? I sold a couple similar last year for about the same price, though I think I'm definitely getting better.

This one sold as well, though not so quickly as the first. Because of the work involved--that's eight handmade roses--and all the buttons I used, I asked $8 for this one. (I've gone free shipping in my SumpnSassy store.)

This is one I made from a bit of needlework I did some time last century. I was going through my old sewing box and ran across this bit and the one I used in the ornie below. They were so small I couldn't imagine making ornaments of them, though that's what they were both meant to be. As I recall, this one was to be mounted in a wooden frame, which got lost somewhere along the line. I've used cashmere felt to make the ornie and quite like the end result.

This is silk ribbon embroidery. When was it so popular? Late '80s, early '90s?

I made this from a quilt block I picked up in a thrift store ages ago. It's beautifully hand-stitched--the quilt block, that is--and I got one perfect heart out of a block but didn't want to scrap the rest so I did two more off-center ones, one of which I still need to complete.

This is the perfectly aligned one, which I sold last year. What do you think? Is there another direction I should go with the last off-center one?

And this is the last of the ones I completed. It's made of scrap fabric--a good thing--but I'm not as enamored of it as I thought I'd be. I like things a bit wonky, yunno, but somehow this one doesn't speak to me.

So my second question of the morning is: which background works better for pics? I thought the sheet music would be most eye-catching, and I do like it, but then I found this polka-dot plate at Walmart. I'm sorta leaning that direction. What say you? All comments appreciated.

That's all for now. Ta, y'all.


Mary Keenan said...

Ohhh, your stitching is so pretty! And the ornaments look like they've been made with such love. Perfect for the holiday!

I vote for all the backgrounds. Looking through a shop, it's nice to see the variety (thought the sheet music does give a good sense of how one ornament compares to another in size). Also the polka dot plate gives a great festive contrast.

Diann said...

The snowman ornament is so beautiful....and sooo under-priced!


I liked them all and I especially liked the silk ribbon embroidery. I always intended to do some of that and never got around to it.

Re: backgrounds, some are going to look better than others on the plate. I think variety is a good thing ... keeps the eye stimulated.

Luv yer stuff!

Diann said...

All of your little ornaments are adorable!