Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Little Bit of Whimsy

Webster's defines whimsy as a fanciful device, object, or artistic creation. (The paraphrasing's mine.)

I like whimsical things. Left alone, I probably would have much more of it in my home, but I still manage to squeeze in a bit. Since I'm currently working on some whimsical tassels,  I thought I'd share a little of the whimsy in my home.

This is the top of my pantry cupboard. Not a whole lot of whimsy except for the rooster. Him I love, though I never was on the rooster wagon.

I'm not sure which of the Poultry in Motion figurines mine is, but it appears to be out of production. IMO, the one above isn't as whimsical as mine but it gives an idea of it.

This is the top of the entertainment cabinet in the living room. I guess the parrot is the most whimsical on top, but the Catitudes figurine on the top shelf knocks it out of the park! He too is out of production. 

 Again, this isn't the same as mine, but similar. Love the attitude in these figurines!

A shot of the top portion of the entertainment cabinet.

And a closer, fuzzier, view of the top shelf.

The lawyer's bookcase in the living room--the green vase I picked up at a thrift store. I added the feet and the strip along the top. What is it about black and white that amps up whimsy?

Another thrift store find. I have no idea where this came from originally but am assuming it was something to do with a cemetery or burial plot. I like the sentiment, though I rarely need to be commanded to rest!

Doncha love cats with attitude? This guy may be holding a tray but he certainly doesn't look servile. He reminds me of something Egyptian, a sort of Bastet without adornment.

The lawyer's bookcase in my entry: Okay, not much whimsy here, at least as I define it, but, living in Texas, the quilted lone star appealed to me.

And my mud room. The painted fish came from Mexico, a gift from a friend many years ago. At the time, we had a lake house at Texoma and this hung on the beam between the living room and kitchen.

For one last bit of whimsy, this is a shelf of the lawyer's bookcase in the living room. (It's not hard to see that I'm a cat lover, is it?) The palm tree was a yard sale find. It captures perfectly the look I'm trying to achieve in my tassels, more of which to come.

So are you a fan of whimsy? Does your definition of whimsical equal mine? Love to hear your comments!

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