Saturday, November 8, 2014

Getting Older and Changing my Focus

I'm finding that there are things I used to be able to do with ease that elude me anymore. And no, I'm not talking physical things, though of course it's a given that they too will become more difficult as I age. I'm just not there yet. But simple little crafty things, like putting in a zipper, or hand stitching evenly, or even making pretty embroidery stitches--somehow they've become more difficult than when I was younger.

I've always felt I could do anything I put my mind to, and generally I did. I haven't totally lost that feeling but more and more I'm disappointing myself. 

One thing, at least, I can still do: sew on buttons. Here are a few cards I made a while back using buttons as decoration. I'm seriously thinking of making more of the same to satisfy my creativity without mucking things up.

Since I've never been a collector of stamps and rarely have ones for whatever design I come up with, I find graphics on the 'net to use instead. With this one, I printed the words and the balloon graphic. Maybe next time I'll upload the graphic to Pixlr and blank out the balloons, leaving only the baskets.

This one took advantage of the banner fad a while back. Has that passed? It looked good on a card. I did use a stamp for the words.

For this one, I use a stamp, masking off the flowers that were a part of it. I think the buttons look better than stamped flowers.

Mother Teresa's words. Not much one could do to mess up a card with that on it. But I'm thinking next time I'll do more paper layers beneath the saying.

Love the button bicycle wheels. Again the bicycle--and the words--were printed off the 'net. 

So this is where I think I'll be going in the days to come--once I finish the pillows I'm fighting to get zippers into and the footstool that needs painted and recovered. Maybe this winter I'll focus on working with paper. We'll see.

Ta, y'all.

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