Sunday, November 23, 2014


Do you have routines? I confess I do, and Tuesday's my thrifting day. Why Tuesday? Well, like the calf path that went askew, I had a good reason once. Now it just feels right. Besides, one of my fave stores is half-price on Tuesdays. Nuff said.

Last week, I was in the midst of a 24 hour stomach virus on Tuesday. Coulda waited a week except I had a coupon from Goodwill that was about to expire. All things considered, best choice scenario, I made Friday my Tuesday.

I found this brass gondola dish at our local Goodwill--also the ornaments I used to stage it.

Made in Mexico, it's really quite fabulous!

These poinsettia candleholders came from the same place.

Pretty cool, aren't they?

This brass pear dish also was a Goodwill find.

As was this AnnaLee Mrs. Santa doll. Her, I'll be keeping.

At the Library Thrift, I found these wreath trivets. This is the smaller of the two, made of brass and marked Rubel '81.

The larger, silver-plate and marked Italy.

For me, I found a gorgeous handbag--M Z Wallace--in like-new condition. I saw a similar one online at $375. I couldn't pass it by. Besides, it's perfect for Christmas.

Lastly, these Christmas stamps.

They've obviously been used but the rubber stamp part is clean and if you were to buy them off the internet right now, they'd come to around $70.

All in all, it was a lucrative day.  

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