Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gift with Purchase

Does it make a difference?

Some time ago, I saw a discussion in the Etsy forums about sellers including gifts in their packaging. I was surprised to find that there were both sellers and buyers opposed to it.

In most cases, I include a gift of some sort. Not food, but something small and inexpensive. Linens, I wrap in acid-free tissue and tuck in a small lavender sachet. It doesn't cost much: the bags come from Dollar Tree and I grow the lavender. And who doesn't like scented linens?

Gifts with other items vary.

Sometimes it's a bookmark. 

They're easily made and can be marked with a shop name.  It's more useful, in my opinion, than a business card.

Sometimes I include note cards. This one I picked up in a pack of 8 from Dollar Tree.

With a little embellishment, it becomes a pretty cool card!

It too can be marked with a shop name.

I'd be interested in hearing what others think both about receiving a gift with purchase and about the ones I've shown. Are they a waste of the small amount of time and money I invest or would you appreciate them?

Thanks for your input. 


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