Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Latest Cool Finds

I've reached the stage of my life where I have to say no to most cool stuff I find. I've given away so many neat things it breaks my heart sometimes--and will likely have to downsize at least one more time in my life. Therefore I don't frequent garage sales that often. But a week or so ago Tom and I passed one on our way to breakfast--we eat breakfast out at least once a week. I had to stop, even though I didn't find much worth taking home--some neat artist brushes, brandy new, that will come in handy--and these neat dominoes. (I'm a sucker for games, even though we rarely play them, but for a buck these were well worth the price.)
The box has a bit of a shine cuz I used Howard's Feed and Wax on it and it hadn't soaked in good when I took the pic. And the dominoes had some spots when I bought them--I have a fantasy about two couples having drinks while they played Forty-Two back in the '70s and somebody had a little too much and knocked his drink over on the whole dang table.

I cleaned the dominoes with baking soda and a toothbrush . It worked great!

They're made of three layers of some kind of plastic: white on the bottom, a metallic-y copper/bronzish color in the middle and black on top.

I love when people mark things with dates, though I can't read all of this that well. I can distinguish the 1971 date, and the other appears to read either From McDonald's or Fern McDonald's.

Pretty cool, huh? For a buck, no less.

And here's my second find. Actually it was a freebie from my hair stylist. She travels around the country teaching people to use a brand of hair products and uses mannequin heads as practice dummies. Stella here had already been dyed four times and thus outlived her usefulness. Since I was looking for something to display hair ornies on, I thought she'd work great. What d'ya think? A keeper?
I'm going to try fabric softener sheets to tame her hair. I think that might work.

Hope y'all are having a great weekend. I've been working my hiney off trying to change the ink in my new printer. Can't find the owners manual and tried to download it several times but have hit a glitch each time. Finally found a review of the printer that told where the ink cartridges go--I could not find hide nor hair of them. Now it's all done. (Of course, Mr. Scrooge Tom is worrying about any future problems we might have with no owner's manual. Me, I figure by then it'll have turned up. Keep your fingers crossed!)

Ta, y'all.


Daisy said...

Love your Stella! And what a steal -- FREE! I think she looks great and it shows the size of the brooch so well.

I think those dominoes are gorgeous also -- the think that sold me was the 3 layers of plastic. We don't play games either, but sometimes I think we should -- just turn the TV off, pull out some matches for betting -- like Mom used to do -- and play poker or 42 or sump'n along those lines. Sounds like fun.

TexNan said...

If you lived closer, we could leave our fellas in front of the tube and do it ourselves. How about on sisters' weekend? We've never done that!

TexNan said...

('Course we don't watch TV on sisters' weekend either. Not sure when we'd find time to play dominoes.)

LindaGJ said...

Wow, you sure do have some fabulous items in your blog and shop!!! Thank you so much for noticing my feature! I so much appreciate it and I was so surprised myself. It's always nice to get a pat on the back for your work. Here's giving you a big pat on your back for all your work! I sure do understand always having ideas that you must create them.
Very cool finds too!
Linda :)

TexNan said...

Thanks, Linda. I appreciate your appreciation! :) Right back atcha.