Thursday, April 22, 2010

Billie's New Lamps

My sis Billie's really excited about the larger apartment she recently moved into. She's trying to pare down but sometimes in order to pare down you need to find things that work better. She was talking about her fruitless search for new (to her), thrifty, lamps when I thought I might look around  myself. She has a job; I don't.

We have similar tastes, and the two I found for her I would've liked to keep. I do love lamps.

This first was from eBay.

Now that it's bought and paid for, I'm a little skeptical that it will work as she wants. But, as I said, it's bought and paid for. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

The second was from Goodwill online. It's my fave.
Can't wait to see how they work in her apartment!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Both are just wonderful. I love that pretty green color and the second one is so classic. Both are really great. Hugs, Marty


Love them! What a good sister to do the dirty ugly task of shopping! You done good.

Tricia ~~ Handmade Whimzy said...

There is a Goodwill store online?? Why didn't I know that?

Love the green lamp by the way.

TexNan said...

Thanks, Marty. As I recall, you're a lamp lover too, or am I mis-remembering? At any rate, if I'd had a place to use 'em, ain't no way the sis woulda gotten 'em. ;^)

You know me better than that, Daisy. I don' need no stinkin' reason to shop!

Goodwill online is a great place, Tricia. Only problem is the shipping ain't cheap. But you can still find some deals. It's (If you find something from your area, you can choose to pick it up.)