Monday, April 12, 2010

Pillow Fever

Lately I've become obsessed with making pillows. I do that often: focus on one aspect of creativity to the detriment of all others. (Notice that I haven't posted completed pics of my March office redo? That's cuz it's not completed. Still working on it--when I'm not working on something else!)

I showed you pics of the pillows I made for my sis and SIL for their birthdays here and the one for the $5 challenge here. There were others I posted in the past but those were the latest.

Here's another:
This is a knife edge pillow made of linen/rayon with three attached wool felt flowers. (I need to redo that right upper corner. Dang, I thought I was done but it looks wonky, doesn't it?) As on many of the pillows I made lately, I did a hand-picked zipper. (Read about the technique at Threads.) I'm in love with hand-picked zippers! (It also has a 100% down insert I bought reasonably here. And when I say reasonable, I mean exactly that: $25 for an 18" square plus $5 shipping. You pay almost that much for a mixture in some of the shops around Austin.)
This shot has a glimpse of another pillow I'm working on, more pics to come when it's finished. (I'm also making another dollar store tea towel pillow--stymied right now cuz the buttonhole needs to be larger than my Pfaff makes automatically and I can't figure out how to do one the semi-automatic way. I may have to resort to using my old machine--although I do have one more method to try!)

Not pillow related but another thing I did recently is this sewing kit made for a gift exchange.
I used a tutorial from Nini Makes you can find here.

I've since made another for myself; I'm often bringing handwork into the house from the studio so it comes in handy.

And that's all she's gonna write today. Have a good 'un, y'all.


Diann said...

Oh the pillow turned out beautiful! and I love that little sewing kit!

Amanda said...

I love, love, love the pillow! So pretty :-)


Love that pillow. Combining the linen and wool is wonderful and I LUV tone on tone. GORGEOUS!