Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mo' Buttons

I don' do Facebook so here's my daily update: I'm still obsessed with buttons. I've begun making hair pins from them, but there hasn't been much interest so far on Etsy. What do you guys think?
Why wouldn't someone like these?

I mixed both new and old buttons on most, though a couple are purely vintage buttons. They're all stitched to a circle of felt that has a strip on it to hold the hair pin.

I'm beginning to think this is my fave.

 Though truthfully, I love the pop of this one too.

And I think this one sings.
This one's not my fave, though it is all vintage buttons.

This last is a bit of silk ribbon embroidery I did back in the late '80s. As with so many things, I never finished it once the embroidery was done so instead I made a covered button of it. And never used it. It's been in my button box since God made the Brazos river!
I'd love to have comments on these. Should I turn my attention elsewhere?

Thanks in advance to you lovely people.


Mary Keenan said...

I think they're awesome. Maybe you should try them as brooches, or bracelet accents! Wider market than girls with hair long enough for the pins?

TexNan said...

I think you got sumthin'! Layers of felt with embroidery stitches, topped with the stacked buttons. I think it'll work. You're a genius, lady.

Tricia ~~ Handmade Whimzy said...

I love your new button hair accessories. If my hair didn't stink so bad, I'd get me some. But since I seem to only have 3 hairs on my head, there isn't alot to hold back :(

TexNan said...

Nor can I wear them, Tricia. Wish I could. But thanks for the kind words.