Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reporting In

It's been a busy week what with yard work and trying to get my studio clean. (I feel like Sisyphus, continually pushing a boulder uphill.)

Yesterday, though, I managed to get out for lunch with the GGs. We were celebrating the birthdays shared by my SIL Sunny and my sister Ginger a few weeks back. (We're a tough bunch to get together, mostly because some of them actually have lives.)  I, of course, made my gifts, as did another crafty member of our group: Donna, the quilter. (No, she doesn't blog. I don't know how she finds time to quilt.)

Inspired by Claudia of Cloud Nine Creations who recently made a button bracelet for her friend, which you can see here, I made bracelets as part of my gift. Instead of buttons, I used some vintage silver earrings as well as sterling blanks I bought from Popko's Etsy shop. They turned out pretty good, doncha think?
A while back, I showed the pillow I made for Sunny's gift, It wasn't the best picture, didn't represent the true color of the fabric.
I made her a second from the same fabric--and these pictures are more representative of the actual fabric. This one I made with a twist: it has a front from the wrong side of the fabric...

with welting and the back made from the right side.

That's it for the birthday gifts, but while in town I had to hit the thrift store. Some things go without saying, right? And I bought this:
Lovely, huh? You should click on the pic to enlarge it. At first I thought the handles were elephant heads holding a ring. Not so sure now what they are, but I still like the look of the vase. (I finally figured out that it's a bird's head on the side of the vase. What I thought was an elephant trunk is a bird's beak. Okay, so they're nothing alike; my mind just went there.) I previously had the greenery in a pottery butter churn, the mouth of which was too large for the amount of greenery in it and I didn't want to buy more. This works perfectly!

Time to feed the cat! Later, y'all.

Oops! I forgot to show Ginger's pillow. It too appeared in an earlier post, but I didn't indicate why I'd made it. (She reads the blog.) Anyway, here it is, one more time.
Bye again, y'all.


number6 said...

Eat your heart out - the pillow's now mine!!!!!

number 6

shopPOPKO said...

the bracelet looks GREAT! would you mind if I posted it on MY blog someday? i would love to show it off. and if youre selling it i would link to that if you want too. Thanks for the shout out!