Thursday, August 26, 2010

Button Fever

My friend's downsizing. For some, that might mean moving into a cottage sized for one. For Carrol, widowed for more than ten years, it means a 2400 sq. ft. house, bigger than any I've ever lived in!

But, lucky me, her downsizing means I inherited a box of buttons. The neat thing about Carrol's button box is that these are the extras that come with garments, and she's never stinted on the quality--or the cost--of her clothing. There are some gorgeous buttons in the collection.

Which has started me thinking about buttons again. (As if I ever stopped!) And started me tooling around the 'net again. (Ditto on the earlier parens.)

I think I referenced this pillow in a post I did a couple of years ago, but really, it deserves another mention. You can find the tutorial here.

Love the way these buttons have been woven together to make a coaster. Check here for the tute.

Another rendition of the woven button coaster. Looks like crochet here, doesn't it? The tute's here.

These buttons I made a while back. Love the look of them! They're called Singleton buttons and you can find the how-to here. (They look pretty darn cute at the top of my guest room shower curtain, which I will show one of these days.)

These Dorset buttons are similar to the Singleton--both are made with plastic rings. Pretty darn cool, aren't they? Get the tutorial here.

And these are Sharpie-painted. Again, I'm enamored. Info here.

For the final button magic, this necklace is a stand-out. Info here.

Time to fold clothes. Ta, y'all.

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Mary Keenan said...

Love 'em all - especially that first pillow, which is amazing!