Thursday, August 19, 2010


I worked my bum off last weekend, focusing on my friend's gift. If you'll recall, I used as inspiration this pillow I found on Letter Perfect's Etsy site.

Lovely, innit? She used a darker burlap, which wasn't available at the store when I got mine. So once I'd finished the lettering I felt the buttons didn't have the oomph they needed.

There were other problems with this version, which I mentioned here.

So-o-o, back to the drawing board. First I outlined the lettering with embroidery using a green perle cotton thread: green because of the green and cream check I put in the back. Still it needed... something. I was off to the 'net to find inspiration.

Anthropologie has this:

I like the double poms, but I was working on a deadline and I'm not an expert pom maker. Then I found this, still at Anthropologie.

Tassels I can do, tassels I excel at (IMOHO). I unraveled some burlap threads and made a couple of tassels, then made a couple more using the unraveled burlap and the embroidery floss from the front. Voila! Two per corner.

And here she is, all done.

The front...

And the back. Okay, she looks a bit wonky on the back, but she isn't, I promise. I'm a worse picture-taker than I am pillow-maker.

I'm linking this to Cheap Chic Home's Fabric Fun Thursday.

Check her out!


Kim said...

Hi - this is just beautiful, the back doesn't look wonky at all. I love your work and can't wait to see your Anthro. pillows

Kim said...

I featured your pillow!