Friday, August 13, 2010

The End Result

Yesterday I posted about a couple of projects I've been working on. I've finished both, one I'm fairly happy with, the other not so much.

This was a new St. John's Bay straw bag I picked up dirt-cheap. It had a plain blue ho-hum lining, which I decided I could change out easily.  (Turned out to be more difficult than I anticipated. :P )

I picked up this fabric from Etsy and translated one of the flower images into a button design for the front of the bag.

It's a loose translation; I wanted to use all MOP buttons and didn't have that many greens and blues. Still I think it turned out kinda cute.


This is the inside of the bag, post transformation.

This project I'm reasonably pleased with. Not totally, I'm too much of a perfectionist for that, but, as we Southerners often say--sometimes maybe too often--it'll do.

The next project I'm judging thumbs down. It's meant as a gift for a friend, needed by next Tuesday.

I really don't like how it turned out, reason being that I always over-think projects and thus shoot myself in the foot. I decided that in order to have clean seams I'd make a bag, one side burlap, the other muslin, which I could turn inside out with the seams caught inside, then seam the resulting package together. Good in theory, not so great in practice cuz I wound up with a double-bulky seam. So I either have to rip this thing out, resew, and serge the seams or come up with another quick to make idea.

I'm thinking I'll be doing some ripping this weekend.

And with that, I'll sign off. Hope y'all have a weekend filled with better things than re-making pillows!

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Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Thanks so much for your help finding Lindsey's post! I really appreciate it!
You are a master at button art!
I'm very impressed!