Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cards, tags, etc

My new best friend Dian commented on the cards I used for backing on my bobby pins so I thought I'd explain how I made those. First, I used card stock from Wally World, the onliest place here in the boondocks to buy craft supplies. The pack had a plethora of colors, but I used those in the beige range, cutting them down to 8.5 x 11 to fit my printer. Then, I went here and downloaded the earthtone tags shown below, though I only printed the first page. I've done some of the others as well but not for this purpose.

I also used some pinky paper to print the second page of the tags below. It didn't turn out as pretty, IMO, but I clipped some red and pink flowered hair pins to those tags.

For the print at the bottom, I simply played with a layout until I had it aligned--yunno, print a page, hold it and the cardstock up to a light, guess how much needs to be realigned, then do it again. When I had it where I wanted it, I put the already printed tags--uncut--back into the printer and added the logo. Easy peasy. I used an office-style paper cutter for the straight edges, cuticle scissors for the curves.

I used the same process to make promo bookmarks, adding tassels and braids and beads. I have no pics of those; I used them in a promo swap and was hustling at the end to get them in the mail. 

My sis Daisy told me about the Scrapbook Scrapbook site where I found these. I think she's used the pages/papers in a much more creative way--her Etsy banner, for one,

Cool, innit? But then Daisy's more creative--hands down--than I am. All I've figured out how to do so far are my tags, so I'm sticking with that for the time being.

Except...oh, except. I picked up a papermaking kit at Walworld the other week. I know, most people don't need a kit, which may be why this one was in the clearance section. But yunno, I put obstacles in my way so much of the time, and I did with the degree that I've never done it. Don't want to use the kitchen blender, but don't have another. Don' wanna get Tom to make a screen for me--though he would, I just never got around to asking. So there it was, all packaged in a box for $10, a hand-turn blender, screens, everything. So today I think I might make some paper. Wonder how the tags would look printed on handmade paper? Can I make something thick enough to be cardstock-y?

Hmm. More to come.



Okay, I'm with you on the I-don't-want-to-use-my-kitchen-blender thing, but I think that hand blender is gonna take some serious muscle. I think it's time to hit the garage sale/thrift store circuit. Now that I'm feeling better ...FINALLY ... maybe I can come down and we'll go together.

Can't wait to see your handmade paper.

TexNan said...

Actually it turned out kinda yucky! Maria had emptied the paper shredder so I used the already-worked pages of a Sudoku book. The hand blender was actually fun, but I was glad I had granite countertops cuz it kept spittin' water--and mush. All in all it wasn't a bad experience though I may send the kit home with Maria for her kids or even save it for Billie for the boys. Think they'd like making paper?
Oh, and please do come. We'd have so much fun garage sailin'.

Diann said...

You are too funny.Thanks for the info. I made paper with my Cub Scouts many years ago.....I have yet to want to repeat the experience!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that tutorial, great info! Heyy, I love your new items in your shop!!! Absolutely adorable!!!

Hugs ~ Claudia