Monday, March 2, 2009

When the whole world seems smarter'n you...!

Jean of Lilac Lane Livery tagged me, and I'm not sure I understand what I'm s'posed to do! She says:

1) Find the fourth picture in your photo file and post it. (Well, um, which file? My photos are in folders tagged either by date or label so I chose the file that's at the top and the fourth photo in that file. Does that work?)
2) Tell us a bit about your photo.
3.) Tag a few friends to do the same. 

So here's mine:

Each year my sisters and I try to get away together for a weekend. We started this about 12 years ago when we were all much younger, and we've made some great memories. The picture above is from 2005 when we went to East Texas. At the time my brother-in-law was in charge of investments for a Texas oilman and through his contacts found this place for us to stay. Isn't it gorgeous? Would you believe it's a building development? There's a lodge, where we stayed, and a clubhouse for home owners. The body of water close up in the above photo is the swimming pool between the lodge and clubhouse, and the one in the distance is a nice little community lake, also shown in the shot below.
This next one is a home under construction while we were there. It was mahvelous!

Now, I'm supposed to tag people. Seems I always tag the same people, and I prolly will this time as well: let's try Claudia at Cloud 9 Creations, Jen at Random Ramblings, my sis Daisy at Little Sassy Sews, and Dusti at Okies at Heart.

Now I gotta wind down for the evening. Ta.

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JMS said...

I did it! Go see!

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