Saturday, February 28, 2009

I won! (And a Max update.)

I've been completely focused on Max for a while so imagine my surprise when I logged onto Etsy this morning and found I'd won KristieG's pendant giveaway. Isn't it lovely?

So...I decided I needed earrings to go with. I found these at her shop. Such a bargain! Sterling ear wires too. Had to have them. (Of course, I bought the last pair. Sorry, y'all. But she has others equally as beautiful.)
Check out her blog at Insomniac Scrapbook.  She's got a Creative Challenge going on here, in which she invites you to create something different than your usual craft. Winner gets to choose something from her shop, up to $20. I'm thinking I'm gonna try for this, if I can get my head in the game.

Check out KristieG's shop too.

On another front, the past couple of weeks has been an emotional rollercoaster. As I mentioned, we've already had one diabetic cat, but Max is reacting different than Murphy did.

We've learned how to check his BG at home, which is good. And he's finally eating again, which is also good. He's acting like himself too, another good thing. But we thought we were going to lose him a couple of times, and he's still not completely out of the woods. His not eating caused fatty liver deposits, but as I understand it, as long as he eats those fatty cells in the liver will disappear. 

There are other issues I won't go into. I'm just thankful for the good things and hopeful we can work through the bad.

Thank you all for your good thoughts for Max.


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Kristie said...

I got your goodies in the mail before she ran today so YAY. lol

Thanks for the highlight post on me. I hope a lot of people join in on the creative challenge, too. =)