Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another blog giveaway

Kristi at Insomniac Scrapbook Theater is giving away a lovely pendant. Just click to follow her blog and post the giveaway on yours, as I just did.  :) I'm not much of one for bling, but I love this pendant! Also check out her Etsy shop; she has some great items!

I won't be doing thrift stuff today. Ginger and I went to a thrift store yesterday where I picked up a couple of wool sweaters to felt, but beyond that, I didn't even want to look. Even a packrat has to know when enough's enough, and I think I'm there. Next week I'll share some things I already have cuz from now on whatever I see has to be super outstanding for me to even consider it!


Kristie said...

Thanks for posting about my giveaway. =)

That Girl Ang said...

I need to get more wool swears myself.. Thanks for the heads up on that.. and the give-a-way.. it is indeed beautiful.