Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Thrift

I've been working in my studio most of today and didn't have chance to walk through the house with a camera. Instead I wandered through my photo albums to find something thrifty to show today. 

The first two pics are tassels I made a number of years ago. My friend had a booth in an antique shop in Durango CO and we thought, or rather I did, that I might sell some of my tassels there. I was wrong. Margie still has some of the tassels--with my blessings. I'm sorta proud of these two though and actually have made two more along the lines of the second to offer on Etsy.

I can't even remember what I used for the head of the one above but I believe it was some kind of plastic cap from, I dunno, a hair product or perhaps face cream.  I did a faux-leather treatment on the head, cut a star from some leftover copper and made the skirt of leftover denim. Then I added real leather shoelaces as the hang cord and a tie in the front.
This was the first western type tassel I made. I stuck a couple of deodorant caps, one on top of another to make the head longer, then did the same faux leather treatment. The embellishment on front is an old earring. I used the same leftover denim for the skirt and some kind of twine for the cord.
Here's another trash to treasure,  though these are a little more functional. Both of the tins originally had tea in them. The tall one I used for wipes on my countertop. (Notice the past tense. After we did the kitchen, I put all cleaning supplies out of sight and the tin is now in my studio. I need wipes there too!) The second I kept a plastic bag in and filled with vegetable scraps for my compost heap. It too is now in my studio, though I'm not using it for anything right now. I keep my scraps in the fridge, but I still think it was an excellent idea and perhaps if I weren't married to Mr. Tidy I might still keep them on my counter.
This last isn't T2T but rather a bargain.  A couple of years ago I had a store credit at T.J. Maxx for something like seven bucks; not enough to do anything with but too much to forget about. My SIL and I stopped in one day when we were out and about and I found this vase. And fell in love. It was marked 75% off for a grand total of $15. As much as I loved it, I probably wouldn't have bought it at that price simply because I'm vase-poor already. But $8? I couldn't pass it up. And haven't regretted it one day since.

And that, my friends, is the best I can do this Thrift Saturday sans camera. Have a good rest of today and a better tomorrow.


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