Monday, February 9, 2009

Did I say...

I'm not much for bling? Notwithstanding that, I found a seller on Etsy whom if I were into jewelery I'd definitely buy from. The shop name is Boss Studios. Apparently, bc (before children) she was a costume designer in films as well as a wardrobe stylist for, among others, Madonna and Michael Jackson. Cool lady, huh. And she makes beautiful bracelets. (Beautiful other stuff too, but I'm a bracelet girl myself, or would be if I could remember to put them on!)

Is this not gorgeous! I love the stone floating in the hammered oval. Love the whimsy of the stone dangling at the end of the chain. And for my taste the chunkier the chain the better. You can see London and Sky Blue Topaz Sterling Hammered Oval Bracelet here

This too caught my eye: the delicacy of the pearls, the artistry in the design. Besides, I love amethysts! Check out Faceted Amethyst Nugget, Silver Bali Bead and Pearl Asymmetirical Bracelet here.

As it happens, today's also our featured seller's birthday. How's that for serendipity? Hope she has a terrifical one!

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