Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Didja ever wish...

You could go to bed and wake up yesterday? 

If not, you will. Someday. I guarantee. 

I won't even think about which yesterday I'd sleep to. Right now, I'd settle for the one before today, a yesterday when I didn't know Max was diabetic. No, that wouldn't work, would it? He'd still be diabetic and feeling pukie, but we wouldn't be caring for him.

He just had his first at-home Vetsulin shot. Vetsulin, how about that? My last diabetic cat had to take insulin. And there was no way we could check Murphy's blood at home, but now there are pet blood monitors and vets have figured out a place to get blood from an animal without going into a vein--his ears. We haven't tried that yet; we still have to order the monitor. And I'm sure they'll demonstrate when we take him back to the vet next week.

I can't go back to yesterday and it's selfish to even want to, though I do, sorta kinda. But...we just have to get through our todays one step at a time. We took our first one this morning.

So think about my baby kitty today, won't you?


Autumn Rose Crafts said...

Bless him :) Sarah x

TexNan said...

Thanks for your good wishes, Sarah. He's a trooper, though I think he's troopin' under the bed right now. :) When you're a cat, safe is safe is safe.