Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Opinions wanted

I made my first bag and would like opinions please.  This one I sorta did by gosh and by golly. Next will be made with a pattern. So here's the front with the flower pin in one position:

And moved to another position:

And here's the inside:

First opinion: Should I list the purse now or wait until fall? Should I even list it? Does it look like something someone might actually carry? What about the flower? Should I include it? (BTW, for those interested, the closure is a vintage Bakelite button.)

Here's another flower I made with the intention of attaching it to a bag, maybe something a lighter blue, more springlike. So am I on the right track? What do y'all think?

TIA for any who dare to comment! :)

P.S. If anyone's interested, Max is back at the vet's today. I have to pick him up in a couple of hours. I'm not a hypochondriac for myself, but I sure can be one for my cat. Turns out nothing was wrong with him--beyond the diabetes, of course--but he's barely eaten anything since we brought him home nor has he used his litter much. For all that, he seems to be feeling better; he actually woke me up this morning, and I was actually glad for it!


Autumn Rose Crafts said...

Glad Max is more himself! I think your bag is gorgeous, and I would actually list it now, these colours never go out of fashion (if you adore autumn colours as i do!) The flower (blues) is lovely, fresh and springlike, would look great attached to a day bag for holidays! Sarah xx

Mary Keenan said...

Love the bag! And I think I like the flower a bit lower to balance out that gorgeous button. You're not just on the right track but a really pretty one :^)

TexNan said...

Thanks, y'all! I like the bag too, but not everyone shares my taste. (Now I know there are two others in the world who do. Or at least who are kind enough to say they do.) :) Now I'm off to pick up the Max. Ta!

Jean Elizabeth said...

Love the bag. Did you make it from some of the thrift sweaters you have been hoarding?

TexNan said...

Yeah, Jean, it was a Polo wool sweater. I think it had already been partially felted and that's why it wound up at Goodwill, but since that's what I wanted it for, I didn't care. :) The lining was a remnant upholstery fabric I picked up at Hancock's. Love the way they go together. (You can't tell from the pics but the leaf on the front is my slant on one in the lining fabric. The flower is a loose representation of an Indian Blanket/Fire Wheel.)

JMS said...

Glad Max is OK.

I LOVE THAT BAG! I think you sould leave the flower in the lower corner to balance it (no...I'm not copying Mary, just agreeing with her) and then list it immediately so I can buy it!


Jennifer @ Random Ramblings

Jean Elizabeth said...

I found some sweaters at the Goodwill and am so excited to try to felt them. I am off work for a week with no voice but I can still craft:)