Thursday, March 12, 2009


I've been doing a number of different things lately just cause. Just cause I wanted to do some samples for my Etsy team samplers, just cause I needed some promo items, just cause it turned out to be fun. For the samplers, I made a bunch of bobby pins, most of which have already been sent to the team leader. But I made enough to give a couple to my great niece and one to my niece, and enough to offer some in my shop. 

This is my own personal fave. Don't know why I like it better than the others, I just do.

Okay, this is another favorite. If my hair were long enough, I swear I'd wear both of these myself.
But I like this 'un too, though it seems to be more little girl appropriate.

And this one--it's just a couple of stacked buttons atop a circle of boiled wool, but I like it too. Guess that's why I kept these instead of shipping them off with the others.

Lastly, this is another felted bag I made from an old wool sweater. I needle felted the spray of leaves on the front and, though you can't see it here, a spray all along the handle. The innards are from a wonderful metallic silk remnant I found and the belt buckle on front is, of course, vintage. It was in a box of buttons and such an elderly neighbor gave me that once belonged to her grandmother.
And lastly, the road test part, I made some cell charm tassels I'd like someone to try for me. My cell is older and doesn't have anything to which I can secure a charm, but I want to know how this will hold up. I'm thinking my tassel charm mightn't be the best idea. I may wind up using them as ceiling fan tassels. But I'd love someone to try for me, free of charge. Just leave a comment including how to contact you and I'll let a number generator choose for me.

P.S. If anyone's interested, Max is in remission. Don' know how it hoppened--well, yes, I do; we changed his food--but I'm so glad! And so's he.


Mary Keenan said...

I can speak for the cuteness and practicality of the embellished bobby pins - they are fabulous! and that is *such* great news about Max!

Diann said...

The hair pins are lovely! I really love the cards you present them on AND the lettering.Really pretty.


Love, love, love the hairpins! Glad you thought of doing that.

Amanda said...

Bonnie was SOOOO excited about the hairpins that you sent her... She loved them! I love mine, too! :-)